Driving Phobia

That’s right…I have a slight driving phobia. (Alright, more than slight).There is no rhyme or reason to this. I’ve never been in a fender bender or experienced something traumatic while behind the wheel. I’m pretty comfortable driving as long as I’ve got a passenger to keep me company but when I’m alone in the car it becomes a completely different thing. My friends and family all know that my sense of direction never seems to have fully developed. Perhaps I’m always too distracted by the scenery when I’m driving to absorb fully where I’m going (that was my driving ed teacher’s opinion when I was younger) She said, “Sara. I’ve never been so aware of all the beautiful things outside- the cloud formations, the birds in the trees, or the interesting people on the sidewalks….but keep your eyes ON THE ROAD when you drive!” Hmmm…..she had a point.

Just now I had to move the car from (gasp) one side of the street to the other because tomorrow is street cleaning day. I’m sure it’s comical to everyone reading this – but it caused me serious anxiety getting into that car! I’m happy to report that I found a prime parking spot and my car is happily occupying it’s new space. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and give myself a pat on the back! Perhaps some day I will learn that I’m really not such a bad driver – just lacking in the driving self-esteem department.

I cannot help but notice the irony: driving can cause me so much anxiety, and yet throwing myself out of a plane a few thousand feet above the earth, I did without a second thought.

I don’t pretend to understand certain parts of myself – but it keeps life entertaining for sure!

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