First Artsbridge Class

Here are the first day assignments – the first is a warm-up and the kids loved it! The second two are from their portraits of each other…I’ve included four pieces from the class work today – again taken with my cellphone, but you get the basic feel for them!

Warm up: (regular Charcoal) Each person puts their name on the back of a large piece of paper. Then, with eyes closed the student begins to draw. Teacher should emphasize that this is a warm-up and also remind the class that there are no right or wrongs in art – only possibilities. After a minute (or even less), the teacher tell students to open their eyes, and then pass the doodle onto the person to their right. That person has a few minutes to develop the doodle into an image if one emerges, using plenty of imagination! Then before passing the paper on, the same person closes their eyes and creates a fast doodle. The next person to their right then develops that drawing some. The exercise keeps going until the original person has the drawing they started with.

Longer Assignment: (vine charcoal) Each person pairs up with another person that they do not know as well – someone they’d like to get to know better. Teacher can pass around different examples of portraits and explain their uses throughout art history. Then, using vine charcoal (less threatening and lighter) each pair works on a portrait of their partner – simultaneously. At the end we can discuss them, what the process is like, and observations etc.

First Day of Art Class

Well, the first day of art class is today and I have little butterflies in my stomach. I’m more excited than nervous though…this is an amazing group of teenagers and I feel very privileged to be able to work with them!

Today we will begin with some creative warm-ups and then move into partnered portrait drawing. I will post another blog later today about how the class goes!

And as every class has certain guidelines or rules (I like the term “guidelines” better), here are mine….


The kids and the rest of the staff from overseas have arrived and they are a wonderful mixture of excitement, exhaustion, and curiosity. I can already tell what a unique and great group of teenagers this is and I feel so fortunate to be able to work with them for the next three weeks.

Speaking of working with them, I will have the use of 2 gorgeous art studios while here at Boston College. I have included a picture (sorry – just a cell phone picture) of the drawing room and the painting studio. Each studio is large and has beautiful natural light that floats in through the skylights.

The time will fly by ( I can already tell) and I only have them for a short amount of time when we add up all the hours. However I’m sure we will make the most of each moment as we explore the two-dimensional world of art materials, markmaking, lines, color, form, light, shadows, and artistic process. Tomorrow we will be going to New Hampshire for a team building day on a ropes course. So Wednesday will be my first day of teaching art…more to come!

Training Begins

Today is the first day of staff training at Artsbridge and I’m very excited to begin this adventure! The training will be intense and I’m sure an amazing learning experience for all of us. One of the main features of the training will be in a specific form of dialogue, which Artsbridge utilizes every day with the teenagers.
They will be trained in this method of dialogue, and act as leaders and facilitators when back home.

Tomorrow will be a long day of training, but a good one I am sure…’til then!

Separation – Individuation ~ acrylic on wood

Leaving for Boston today!

The time has really flown and I am hopping on a bus to head to Boston for Artsbridge today! I plan to update this blog on my experiences while there as much as possible…Below is a painting of mine titled “Moving Horizon.” I thought it was an appropriate image to share as I move into this adventure.


The time seems to be flying by lately, and it brings me closer to the beginning of the Artsbridge program. I have many feelings – a combination of excitement, anticipation, curiousity, and yes…some anxiety. The program will be hosted by Boston College this year, and it is a beautiful sprawling campus. In fact, I lived practically down the road from the campus when I lived in Boston after graduating from college. In many ways it’s a familiar area, but in many ways it is not.
I have adjusted to the hectic and always intriguing pace of New York City. When I lived in Boston I was in tune with that city’s unique rhythms and energies. Now it is time to readjust to it, but also to expand – as I enter into a new experience.
I am already anticipating how much I will miss my husband Adam during the month that I am gone. However, we are both very interested in how this adventure will unfold, and if anything it will just add one more rich layer to our relationship.
I expect that there will be the unexpected at Artsbridge. I look forward to intensity, challenges, sharing, growth, and creating. I look forward to being an arts instructor and also a student of the experience itself. I’m sure that I will be creating a lot of artwork myself in my free time, journaling often, and of course blogging here about my experiences. Stay tuned!