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I recently discovered 3 wonderful podcasts that I wanted to share with readers. There are so many free podcasts to choose from that at times it can be overwhelming! However, I feel that these particular podcasts are incredibly well done, articulate, interesting, and illuminating.

Shrink Rap Radio
Shrink Rap Radio

Tagline: “All the psychology you need to know and just enough to make you dangerous.” 

David Van Nuys, Ph.D. (“Dr. Dave”) is a psychologist and the host of this podcast. The podcast explores psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry in a way that both therapists and non-therapists can understand and appreciate. I was initially drawn to this podcast because Dr. Dave had done a series of interviews with therapists who utilize mindfulness in their approach and this is an area of great interest to me. Each podcast explores a theme through interviewing a specific expert in the field of psychology. Topics are rich and varied and have included: the neuroscience of meditation, the highly sensitive person, archetypal dream-work, Buddhist perspectives on psychotherapy, and creativity and the brain.
“Dr. Dave”
The Wise Counsel Podcast
This podcast is also hosted by Dr. Dave and explores similar topics to Shrink Rap Radio, but has an entirely different collection of interviews with mental health experts. Topics are diverse here as well, and the interviews explore multiple theoretical approaches to psychotherapy. I am particularly excited to listen to the interview with Marsha Linehan on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, an interview with Natalie Goldberg on Expressive Arts Therapy, and the episode with Jeffrey Young on Schema Therapy.
Tara Brach
Tara Brach
Tara Brach is a psychologist and world-renowned expert and teacher of Buddhist Meditation. She has written a number of books, including: Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha.
Her podcasts are recordings of talks and teachings that she has given over the years. She has a soothing voice and is incredibly articulate. She weaves stories and humor into her talks, which makes her teachings accessible and engaging.
I hope that you explore one or all of these podcasts! At the very least, they will make your daily commute much more bearable. I found myself strangely pleased when my train was delayed for a few minutes the other day…

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