altered book…in progress

I wanted to share a few pages from my first altered book. An altered book is any pre-existing book that has been creatively transformed by the artist through any artistic process, such as collage, painting, folding, cutting, stamping, etc…This book was orginially a book called Healing Waters by Linda Troeller – who is a photographer that traveled around the world and documented different bodies of water that are used for ritualistic and healing properties. I love the concept and imagery in this book, and used mostly acrylic, collage, and some writing to transform the pages into my own personal visual journal. The book is not yet complete, but these are a few pages that I have completed so far…

The process of working on this book has brought up many feelings and associations for me, such as mother/daughter, my evolving identity as a woman, birth/rebirth, and how we create meditative spaces for ourselves in the midst of our daily lives.

If you would like to see one of the images on a larger scale, just click on it and it should open up in a new window:)

Sketches from Mexico

I finally had a chance to scan a few of my sketches
from our time in Mexico…Since we were on the move quite often, I found it tricky to really “set up shop” in one location to paint on a larger scale. However a small tray of watercolors, pens, and pencils did the trick. Now that we are back in NYC with my studio accessible, I might develop some of my sketchbook imagery a bit further and play with the imagery that emerged during our travels.

It was wonderful for my husband and I to both have our artistic means of exploration and creating – Adam with his photography and me, with my sketchbook. In the coming months we plan to work together to create a personal book that will combine our photos, drawings, and pieces of the journal entries that I kept.

I have been doing a lot of sketching at home lately as well. For me, a sketchbook is a more intimate form of creating, as it can be open but also closed and hidden from view. It is more journal-like in format than a canvas could be, and allows for more risk-taking sometimes or simply exploration of different types of styles depending on my mood that day…