Mandala with clients

April 13, 2009

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I created this mandala in a group that I was leading called “Meditative Art Therapy.” During this group we listen to relaxing (usually instrumental) music and create art in response. I usually encourage my clients to work with more fluid materials such as watercolor, to free them up and allow them to become more spontaneous in their creating. I usually do not make art with my clients, (I can post on this topic later!) but for this session it seemed appropriate to do so. It was a small and intimate group, and I felt that it would be more therapeutic to join my clients in their silent process. There was a high level of resonance within the group, both artistically and verbally at the end when we processed the experience. This group has been a much needed reprieve for many of my clients, as the daily rhythym at Housing Works can be very fast-paced. Later I will share some of my thoughts on working to create a safe environment for groups….

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