Group mural painting

April 19, 2009

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Mural painting is an amazing form of creating…while working on a larger format our body and mind may be more fully engaged as we reach up, kneel down, twist around, sit, stand, or even lie down while navigating the expanded environment that we are creating on.

A few weekends back, my husband Adam, our friend Lee, and I all went to visit our friend Matt – who lives in a beautiful wooded area in the Catskills. We spent the weekend hiking around, exploring the small towns, and Adam took many amazing photographs. Check out the link below!

Part of our adventure while there was the creation of a group mural on un-stretched primed canvas. For Adam, Matt, and Lee it was really their first time painting and I was very curious to see how they approached the process ahead of them. All three energetically jumped in, and began to develop their own unique styles, ways of relating to each other’s images, and methods of exploring the white space.

I participated in the painting as well, but surprised myself by stepping back for a large part of the time and just enjoying watching the piece unfold before my eyes. We listened to music as we painted, and the majority of the piece was created in silence besides that. The communication took place on a non-verbal level, and each artist decided what felt right for them in terms of color, technique, size, and whether their image blended with someone else’s or maintained it’s own boundaries.

The finished mural is a snapshot of a moment in time…a reflection of where each artist was individually and more importantly, as a group at the time of creation.

I look forward to posting more about mural painting, as well as the unique ways that group mural painting can be used in an art therapy setting. I’ll also include some small ways to get started on doing group art…and no experience is necessary! More on that later…

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  • Jill

    I work at a inpatient psych hospital. I would love to do a group mural. Can you please give me some suggestions on how to start? Do I come up with a theme? Does each person have a color and take turns adding?

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