Viking Mountain Funeral Exhibition

I will be participating in a group show called “Viking Mountain Funeral.” The title makes you kinda curious doesn’t it? 🙂

Saturday June 6th, 6pm-12am
DJ’s, performances, bands, & refreshments

Sunday June 7th 12pm-7pm
Open Studios in the area

It should be an interesting show…see the attached flyer to the left for more details!

Transitional Objects

“It is in the space between inner and outer world, which is also the space between people–the transitional space–that intimate relationships and creativity occur.”
-(D.W. Winnicott from Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena,1951)

The term “transitional object” is used frequently in art therapy. In her book Handbook of Art Therapy, Cathy Malchiodi gives an excellent description of the meaning behind transitional objects and how this relates to art therapy:

Art products can become transitional objects which may become imbued with meaning beyond what they are in reality. For example, a drawing or painting made by a child who is dependent on the therapist for support may become a transitional object in the absence of the therapist, defusing separation anxiety. In a similar vein, an adult may make a clay figure of a parent who abandoned her as a child, symbolically evoking that person and the unresolved trauma of separation. Henley (1992) notes that art product functions as a transitional object because it supports self-relationship and empowerment and encourages connection with the therapist who facilitates the creative expression.
(Malchiodi, 2002, p.54)

When we are young, a transitional object for us may be our “blankie” that we drag with us to our first day of preschool as a “stand-in” for our parents while we are apart. When we are older, a transitional object may be a piece of jewelry, given to us by someone we love as a reminder of their place in our lives. At the end of our first year in graduate school, my supervision group worked on clay pieces for the last few classes. These evolved over a few weeks, and were left to air-dry for our last day of class so that we could take them home with us as a transitional object from our time together this year.

Our supervisor and teacher Alison gave us each a creative piece of herself – a hand-made ceramic piece that she had created – each one slightly different and unique. In this way, she gave us a transitional object that could visually and symbolically represent her when we no longer met on a weekly basis.

Both pieces are sitting side by side in my studio, and overlooking me as I create. For that matter, my studio has become filled with these transitional objects – many from clients and friends. Each one acts as a container for special memories and experiences that I have shared with others.

Studio space ~ Breathing space

My painting practice has been an integral part of my experience as an art therapy student. This summer I look forward to spending even more time in my studio.

The studio is like an old friend, that is always there waiting patiently for my return…

My studio shifts constantly, but is always packed with inspiration & works in progress. Here are a few pictures of my studio in its current incarnation:)

Creative Arts Therapy Show at Pratt!

I wanted to share that I will be taking part in a show of art and performance
that will include first and second year creative arts therapy student work.

We wanted to open up our studio and learning space to the public and share some
of the experiential and personal work that we have been doing as
artists, dancers, and therapists in training.
It should be a fun and very interesting event! Hope to see you there...


The exhibition, "Transitions," features artworks by students in Pratt's
Department of Creative Arts Therapy and will include painting, drawing,
sculpture, installation, photo, and dance performance. The show will be
located on the third floor of the East Building on Pratt's Brooklyn Campus.
An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 15 from 5 to 7 PM.
Regular viewing hours are 12 to 3 PM.

For more information, email or call 718-636-3428.

End of school year rituals

Yesterday was my final day of classes for my first year in graduate school…I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet on many levels, and the idea of “summer break” seems quite foreign to me after a number of years without it! I keep checking my computer for another paper that needs to be written, but they are all finished. My final day at my internship is tomorrow (equally surreal!)

Yesterday my friend and I created a ritual for our final class. I brought in smooth river rocks and placed them in the middle of the room. Everyone chose a rock that they identified with in some way. I have included the written ritual that we read to our class below:


You cannot step twice into the same stream. For as you are stepping in, other waters are ever flowing on to you.

A celebration & meditation on the nature of change…

Feel the smoothness of the river rock that you have chosen. Take a moment and think about the countless waters that have washed over the rock that you are holding. This rock looked different years ago, but it retains its essential nature. You have immersed yourself in a river of feelings, experiences, and new opportunities throughout your entire life, and in this past year. You retain your essential nature like the rock, but are always in transition as experiences filter through you.

If you would like to, feel free to use the river rock as a surface to hold some of your feelings, thoughts, or memories from this past year at school, internship, and life outside of that. Adorn the rock with any art materials, and in any way that you choose to, or leave it as is and simply think about or jot down some of these feelings that come to mind.

After we leave this room, I encourage you to find a special place outside to place the rock, so that others might come across a “little piece of you” and be touched in some way. This is a way of leaving a small imprint on the world that may impact people you have not even met.