First Artsbridge Class

July 22, 2009

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Here are the first day assignments – the first is a warm-up and the kids loved it! The second two are from their portraits of each other…I’ve included four pieces from the class work today – again taken with my cellphone, but you get the basic feel for them!

Warm up: (regular Charcoal) Each person puts their name on the back of a large piece of paper. Then, with eyes closed the student begins to draw. Teacher should emphasize that this is a warm-up and also remind the class that there are no right or wrongs in art – only possibilities. After a minute (or even less), the teacher tell students to open their eyes, and then pass the doodle onto the person to their right. That person has a few minutes to develop the doodle into an image if one emerges, using plenty of imagination! Then before passing the paper on, the same person closes their eyes and creates a fast doodle. The next person to their right then develops that drawing some. The exercise keeps going until the original person has the drawing they started with.

Longer Assignment: (vine charcoal) Each person pairs up with another person that they do not know as well – someone they’d like to get to know better. Teacher can pass around different examples of portraits and explain their uses throughout art history. Then, using vine charcoal (less threatening and lighter) each pair works on a portrait of their partner – simultaneously. At the end we can discuss them, what the process is like, and observations etc.

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