2nd Day of Class

July 24, 2009

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Mark making exploration: Each person divides a piece of paper into 4 boxes. Four different songs are played (ideally in different styles/genres). After each song is played, the students make “response marks” that represent what the song feels like visually to them (i.e. dots, squiggles, triangles, crosshatching etc). It is interesting to compare and contrast the different drawings at the end, to see how different students visually interpreted the same song.

The students seemed to be very engaged – especially connecting with the relationship between the music and the mark-making. We talked about the way that visual expression can also be seen as “making music visible.”

In the second part of the assignment, the students created a new drawing that could only consist of the four types of mark making that they had used in the first part of the exercise. Here are some examples of the wonderful art they created!

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