Yesterday I found out that my patient had died. I had been working with him at the hospital since this summer and we had developed a very special relationship… He was an incredible 9 year old, who filled the room with energy, laughter, and new perspectives. I still cannot believe he is gone. It happened so suddenly and it still doesn’t seem real. In his little time on earth he influenced so many people and truly transformed those he came into contact with. I know that he has taught me an incredible amount – about how to be a better art therapist, and a better human being. He will be terribly missed. But I know he is in a better place, free of pain and full of beauty.

I wanted to share a few pieces of his artwork. He was a prolific artist! He spread beauty through his presence, as well as his art. Please enjoy!


Here are a few new mandalas from my sketchbook…creating mandalas is helping me to manage my stress, as I adjust from vacation back into school and internship. To create your own mandala, simply begin with any sized circle and draw within the circle. There is no right or wrong!

New sketches

Here are a few new sketches, done during my vacation in the Dominican Republic. This wasn’t an adventure vacation – it was an R&R vacation! So instead of sketching what was around me, I went inwards for imagery. Lately a lot of the images have been of women in various styles…