Back To Blogging – Because Imperfection Is Just Right

Meditating on change... Pen on paper Sara Roizen

Meditating on change…
Pen on paper
Sara Roizen

I’ve been on a little blogging hiatus here at Art Therapy Spot, but I’m diving back into it now!

My husband jokes that I use the word ‘whirlwind’ to describe this past year at least three times a day. So what has been swirling around in this supposed whirlwind?

A move from NYC to Massachusetts, the addition of a second child, figuring out where my art therapy path is taking me in my new home, and migrating my blog over from Blogger to WordPress (to list the biggies).

I was waiting to make the new blog go live after I had cleaned it up some more and settled on the new aesthetic and formatting. However I realized that this blog will continue to be a work in progress and in the meantime I had stopped writing altogether. I’m still learning WordPress and I have a feeling it might take a while to really master. That being said, it’s easy to get tripped up in the pursuit of an ideal version of a blog or anything for that matter. I reminded myself that I need to start where I am, which is of course, exactly here. I often write about the inherent beauty of imperfection. So, here’s an opportunity to practice what I preach!

Welcome to my new blog…a perfectly imperfect work in progress. But it’s in motion, like all good creative pursuits. I hope you accompany me on this evolving adventure and continue to gain inspiration and a sense of connection while you are here. Stay tuned for much more!