About Sara

Sarah Roizen

Welcome to Art Therapy Spot!

I’m Sara Roizen – an artist and board certified art therapist. I began this blog in order to share my passion for the field of art therapy while chronicling my own creative process and growth. I am particularly intrigued by the intersection of life and art therapy. I hope that my ideas and reflections provide inspiration to other artists, art therapists, or anyone interested in nourishing their creative self and healing through the arts.

When I am not providing art therapy or in the studio, you can find me on adventures with my two young sons, having philosophical chats with my Zen husband, or letting myself get distracted by anything from a squirrel across the street to the dust motes dancing in sun beams…

So get comfortable and stay a while! I love to hear your thoughts.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” (Ram Dass)

Thank you for accompanying me on this part of the walk!