The Magazine Issue it Out

Just a quick follow-up note on my painting in Ins & Outs Magazine….the issue with my painting titled “Traces of White” is now out and about – and can be found throughout Long Island City & Astoria Queens as well as in Manhattan at selected restaurants and galleries. The focus of this particular issue (it’s a quarterly magazine) is on the local art scene…pretty fitting! Keep your eyes open for it 🙂

Ins&Outs Magazine

Just wanted to share some neat news…I am going to be a featured artist in Ins&Outs magazine in their next issue! It will be a full color page, showcasing one of my paintings with my basic info underneath. Since Ins&Outs has a website as well, I will post the link with the feature when it comes out! The editor there has been such a pleasure to work with and I’ve been a big fan of the magazine for a while now, so it’s really wonderful to be included in it.

Ins&Outs is a local magazine that covers arts, entertainment, restaurants, and events in and around Astoria & Long Island City.


Paintings, photos, & wood burned boxes… now at Art-O-Mat!

While walking along Vernon Blvd in Long Island City last weekend, Adam and I wandered into a neat looking gallery and artisan shop called Art-O-Mat. We were immediately intrigued by the unique combination of paintings, prints, sculpture, cards, and various other handmade objects. There were also books written by local authors and a diverse collection of music from local musicians.

After looking around for a while Adam and I made our way over to the desk area, where a group of people were sitting around engaged in a lively conversation. The idea of an artist’s salon came to mind for both of us. This was clearly a space where different creative folks from the community were able to meet up, share thoughts, and share their latest work. Art-O-Mat is a donated space and all of the people who work there are volunteers. In addition to selling local artist’s work, the space also puts on individual and group artist’s shows.

We met Diane Hendry, who is one of the creative forces behind Art-O-Mat. Her passion for the community and its artists was apparent immediately and her enthusiasm was contagious. Adam and I were both interested in possibly bringing some work over for her to look at as a possible addition to the gallery and gave her the information for our websites. Yesterday we came back with some pieces for Art-O-Mat and had a wonderful time looking over our work with Diane. I now have 2 paintings hanging there, some new wood burned boxes that I’ve started making again, and Adam has a framed photo up as well as numerous matted photos for the art bin.

Adam and I will also be there on some Saturdays volunteering next month and hopefully in the months to come. It’s such a warm and inspiring place to spend some time…stop by if you’re in the area!

46-46 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City