The Caretaker

I created this mandala for the purpose of taking a much needed break from my school work. I began with a silver pen and created a weaving line pattern. Later I went in with light washes of acrylic, and the overall effect reminds me of stained glass. The blues and greens are associated with caregiver qualities and the ability to nurture. In this case, I was nurtured by the creation of the mandala!

I feel that it is also a self-portrait of me as an art therapist in training, and learning to balance between caring for my patients and caring for myself.

Tree of LIfe Mandala

When I work with a mandala form, it is very common for nature imagery to come up. This is a pen and ink mandala that I enjoyed creating. The detail work and repetitive quality of the designs was very meditative to create and had a way of “drawing itself” as it progressed.

Black and white mandalas have a very different feel than colored ones of course…Color introduces the language of emotion. However, black and white work has a way of simplifying and drawing attention to the rhythm of the line work.

Mandala – Wedding Invitation

I am my Beloved’s
& My Beloved is Mine

When designing our wedding invitation I searched for the imagery that would feel right and feel like “us.” After countless doodles and sketches I realized that the mandala form was one that kept emerging in my imagery.

Here is the final invitation design – 2 mandalas that are side by side and touching. Each mandala is unique and individual, but they merge in the place that they meet.