Artsbridge ~ The Show!

The Artsbridge Gala Art Show was beautiful, moving, and very powerful. I will let the images of the student artwork and their final projects speak for themselves! I have created an individual post for each Palestinian/Israeli student pair – showing their finished piece as well as sharing the narratives that they wrote to accompany the art piece. Stay tuned for their individual posts which I’m working on now:)

Paired Projects in Progress!

The Israeli and Palestinian pairs are hard at work on their final collaborative pieces, which will be included in the Show this Thursday! We’ve taken to calling it “studio crunch time” as the teens have been spending longer and longer hours in the studio!

It is a fascinating and intense process to watch unfold. Some of the pairs have been working smoothly (almost as one artist) from day one, while others have had many starts, stops, and revisions as they continue their dialogue and artist process. There have been some tears, some anger, but above all: growth and a shift, no matter how subtle. I am incredibly proud of their processes and the heart behind their work. I wanted to share a few pictures of the students over the past few days as they continue their projects.

More Art…

I’ll be honest…I am having a hard and pretty emotional night right now. I’m needing to take some time to be by myself, and making art is all I want to do. Luckily – I can do just that! Here are a few more sketches from the past hour or so…

My Process Art

During my time here at Artsbridge I have found some time to work on my own drawings and paintings. As I’ve written before, my own art process is incredibly important to me and it has been an invaluable method in helping me to unwind and process my feelings at the end of the long, intense, and exciting days with my students. Here are a few pieces that I’ve worked on in my free time here…They are a mixture of materials, including paint, marker, and collage.