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March 1, 2008

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Yesterday I was visited by Louie (our grey tabby cat) in my studio as I was painting. He has been given many nicknames by us as well as friends. A few favorites: Megaman, Louie Meatballs, & Eggplant
(which I have to admit, he does resemble at times, seeing as how he’s got a little extra meat on his bones…okay….about 16 extra pounds).

When Louie or iko (our orange marble tabby) visit in the studio I always watch to see where they will settle. Since I often stretch out and paint on the floor, the paint palette is a possible landing spot for them. I have had to chase them and their paint printed feet to the edge of my studio – to prevent paint paw prints from reaching the living room carpet). My water jar seems to be another point of interest, and I have observed both of them sticking their entire paw into it and then licking the water off. On occasion the water ends up in a puddle on my studio floor…which is slightly amusing.

During yesterday’s visit Louie began walking towards my paint palette and so I scooped him up mid-walk, and plopped him down on my lap. Twenty minutes later he was still sitting there, purring and gazing up at me with his big adoring eyes as I reached for a new color. I enjoyed our little “paint session” together, and it was cold in my studio yesterday (always seems 10degrees colder than the rest of the apartment) and so his 16lb body warmth was an added comfort.

Whatever the nature of the visit, our little furballs are always there to amuse. And, it should not be overlooked that they are a constant nonjudgmental presence in my studio practice….can’t really beat that!

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