Absence and the heart

May 18, 2008

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Adam is in San Franscico on business and I miss him. At the same time I am excited for some time to be by myself (and of course with some friends). The studio beckons (and the furballs compete for attention!) Today I took 2 long walks…and I focused on my breathing. Despite the crazy drivers in Queens (or anywhere really in NYC) I was able to take many deep breaths and look up. What is up in such an urban area? Up is where the tree branches rustle and sway in the mild Spring breeze…the rhythm of nature was soon interrupted by the harsh voice of a young mother with 3 children (and one on the way) arguing with a local min-mart owner. Hmmm…..breathe some more….Now it is nighttime and I float back and forth between the computer and the studio as I wait for paintings to dry. What a wonderful world!

Picture Above:
by Jim Dine
“Putney Winter Heart #8”

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