Transitions & New Beginnings

August 19, 2009

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This summer has been full of transitions, changing roles, new faces, and new environments. I’ve worn many “hats” as an arts instructor, graduate assistant for my school, and now as an volunteer (and upcoming intern) in Child Life at Mount Sinai. Sometimes my head spins when I wake up, and I can’t remember which job or internship I am headed to!

To be quite honest, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately more often than not…I have been painting and drawing almost daily over the summer and that continues to be incredibly helpful as a way to release some of my excess anxieties or give me an energy boost when I’m starting to get worn down.

I started to think about the role that my dreams have played in helping me to sort some of this material out on an unconscious level and nightly basis. While talking to my therapist about my reoccurring dream themes and motifs, we both realized that in my dreams I am usually either flying, or below ground or sea level. Many times I am diving in the ocean and surrounded by unknown creatures – or venturing into a cave that I have never walked through before. From the vantage point of flying, I am able to observe life as it unfolds below me but my feet do not touch the ground that I am observing. While talking about this with my therapist I realized that I am having trouble feeling grounded (literally and metaphorically). It is hard for me to find a resting place for my body and mind at this point in time, and I feel like I’m on a frequent roller coaster ride between flying high and burrowing lower into the earth or sea.

Do you ever feel that you are not “grounded”? How do you find that balance again in your own life?

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