Surf Astoria Cafe

August 22, 2009

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Today I’m bringing one of my paintings titled “Floating Flowers” over to a new coffee shop and internet cafe called Surf Astoria. I really love their mission statement:

“Surf Astoria lives to nurture the local community, and consistently strives to be not only a neighborhood gathering place but a dynamic venue for where you can nourish your mind and body. We believe a café exists to not only offer you comfort but engage you, and through our homemade treats and custom blends cutting-edge internet PCs, technical & creative services, and “come-as-you-are” demeanor, we offer a Euro-style café experience and artist collective where we hope to inform and entertain you and your friends.

We are writers, poets, filmmakers, photographers, painters, musicians, actors, DJs, comedians, designers, artists, and your neighbors. We invite other local artists to approach us with any and all creative musings, maybe you’d like to use some of our space to showcase or sell your paintings, sketches, photographs, tickets, music, books, foodstuffs, films or anything else you can dream up. Or maybe you just want another set of eyes to look over the masterpiece you poured your soul into. Either way, we’re here every day, from 10 AM until 10 PM. Just drop by!”

This is exactly the sort of alternative art and networking venue that we need more of! I’m excited to be a part of this community…stop by if you are in Astoria!

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