Art Therapy Ideas

September 5, 2010

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Sometimes people ask me what kinds of art therapy groups and individual sessions I do with my patients. What are some of the materials used or themes explored? Here is a list of some of the art therapy groups that I have led in the past few months at the hospital…

1. Seashell Creatures

2. Sand Paint

3. Underwater Worlds

4. Huichol Yarn Painting

5. Adinkra Symbol Suncatchers

6. Tissue Paper Collage

7. Memory Boxes

8. Painting Collage

9. Dreamcatchers

10. Rain Sticks

11. Resist Painting

12. Clay Mazes

13. Wire Art

14. Printmaking

15. Mural Making

17. Mondrian-Style Tape Art

18. Picasso Portraits

19. Bubble Printing

20. Model Magic

21. Pointilism Painting

22. Cartooning

23. Eraser Drawing

24. Rubbing Plates

25. Comic Strips

26. Recycled Art

27. Photography

28. Tin Foil Painting

29. Animal Environments

39. Graffiti Wall

40. Mask Making

I’ll highlight a few of these projects in upcoming posts and share tricks, techniques, and some examples of artwork created…

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