A Few Works on Paper

June 18, 2011

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My latest drawing obsession material!

I am currently pretty crazy about Prismacolor “art stix.” They look like hard pastels, but they are actually woodless colored pencils. They are a bit pricey, (you’re paying for amazing quality) but this evening I marched into our local Michael’s store with a 50% coupon in hand. (Hint: always print out coupons for Michael’s! They constantly have 40-50% off of one item deals!)

I often join in the art making process during one of my weekly open art therapy studio groups. Lately, I have been drawing with art stix on black paper. The rich colors on top of the black paper creates a striking contrast and the colors really pop. I am not sure exactly what has been drawing me to this materials combination lately. Perhaps it seems to capture the intensity of the group process, as well as the energy. 

Working on black paper is a very different process from working on white paper. The black paper seems to suck the colors in and create depth, whereas the white paper seems to allow the colors to bounce off the surface.

Here are a few drawings and one collage from the past month – created during my weekly open studio group. 

color stix on black paper ~ feeling energetic that day!
color stix on black paper ~ needing to wrap myself in a safe cocoon
color stix on black paper ~ healing rings expanding outwards
color stix on black paper ~ looks like I needed more structure that day!
magazine photos on black paper  ~ intense feelings finding an outlet in collage

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