Update: Mind full or Mindful Image…Artist Mystery Solved!

December 10, 2012

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Art: Henck van Bilsen

Way back in June 2011
I posted a wonderful image that I had found while exploring the topic of mindfulness. 
Mind full or Mindful?

The only problem was that I could not find the artist! I received many emails from my blog readers asking if I knew the creator of this illustration.

Well the mystery was solved a few days ago by one of my readers and I’m grateful and very happy to  be able to pass this information on. And I’m going to order the Socks of Doom book myself! See below:

In case you’re still looking for the artist, I found him! It is by Henck van Bilsen, Consultant Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Consultant Clinical Psychologist. It is from his book, The Socks of Doom, (LOL!). It has more cartoons with these characters: Zee Beatty (the man), and his much happier dog (Mr Percy). You can see details here, http://www.socksofdoom.com/, where they also post their conversations.

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