2020: Return to Blogging!

February 7, 2020

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“Flow down and down in always widening rings of being.” (Rumi)

It’s hard to believe that I began this blog in 2008 – shortly before I began my journey as an art therapist. This blog began as a labor of love and continues in the same spirit. Art Therapy Spot is a place to share my passion for art, creativity, healing, and the field of art therapy. As I write I come to know myself and the people I work with more deeply.

I strive to write from both my heart and mind; letting myself be vulnerable at times and transparent about my dips, turns, peaks, and valleys. My identities as artist, art therapist, and mother are intertwined. Insight gained in one area of life enriches and nourishes the whole experience.

Although I have not posted for some time, my life has been full! I’ve continued my work as an art therapist at the inpatient psychiatric hospital in addition to my weekly art therapy groups at a local shelter. I have also focused on creating and leading art therapy and creativity workshops, with more in the works!

The foundation for my career continues to be my own art practice. My studio is a sanctuary for expression and replenishing my very soul. I’ve expanded upon my vinyl record mandalas series. I’m also working with acrylic paint, texture pastes, pen, collage, wood burning, and other mediums.

My two boys are now 4 and 6 and they inspire me in countless ways. Their uninhibited imaginative play and love of the creative process are sources of joy. Motherhood has helped me make room for both the magical and messy moments. In this way, being a mother and artist/art therapist share many aspects and opportunities for growth. My Zen husband continues to support and inspire me on all levels. Our loving orange marble tabby Iko pads softly around the house and curls up next to us for naps.

During these past months I have been working with a wonderful website design company and amazing graphic designer to completely update my entire logo and blog. I am so excited to share this new version! This present incarnation of my blog shares the same goals as in the past: to create an online source of inspiration and community with a focus on the field of art therapy, creativity, and paths to healing. I hope you will find this new blog design improved in a way that lets the images and words shine.

Thank you for joining me in my return to blogging. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences. May our shared adventures continue to intersect and inspire!

Artfully yours,



  • Wendy Wicks

    Your words are always so beautiful and inspiring! Looking forward to your continued insights to art – and life!

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you mom!

  • Tina Lackner

    Looking forward to your blogs!

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you so much Tina!

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you very much Tina. I’m so excited to get back into blogging here!

  • Shannon

    Hi my friend! Always glad to read your posts then and now. Thank you for your voice in the art therapy community. Xo

    • Sara Roizen

      Hi friend! Thank you so much! I am incredibly grateful for your voice in our community too!

  • Dad

    Beautiful to see you continue to see the wonder in your life and that you so freely share it and inspire others.

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you dad!

  • Carla Brown EdD

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art and gifted and loving reflections.

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you Carla!

  • Mum

    So beautifully expressed Sara! I always learn from you.

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you so much mum!

  • Heather

    Glad you returned to blogging! You are a great writer and I always gain a lot from your posts.
    Heather ATR-BC, LCPAT

    • Sara Roizen

      Thank you so much Heather! It’s great to be back in the writing flow. I’m so happy that my posts provide inspiration.

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